Sunday, January 3, 2010

romanticizing wine

Sun-kissed hills of grapes of ancient lineage. A purple-footed Frenchman in the back stomping grapes. Orange safety vests. Oh, yes.

I got a little food scientist insider tour of a Beringer Winery, one of the mondo companies that turns out vino from all over the world under many different labels. Given my poor understanding of winemaking, the finer details of this tour didn't exactly stick in my memory, but here's an interesting glimpse beyond the tasting room with what I vaguely recall to be going on.
Piping in the juicy juice.
Ammonia is pretty sweet at getting really cold then absorbing heat from warmer things (ie. pipe of wine) to keep things nice and chilly.Rows of fermentation vats. All outside, interestingly enough.
Pumping some of the nicer wine into casks for aging. Cheers!

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