Thursday, January 14, 2010

candied orange peel

Candied citrus peel is so classy, and apparently easy enough that a pyro-saccharo-phobe like myself can't botch it. I've been enjoying it chopped up in my granola, and think it'd be really sexy in some muffins or scones. Annnd I don't think you can feel much more industrious and circle of lifey than using the rind of the fresh squeezed orange juice you just made.
How to do it:

1. Cut 3 oranges in half. Juice.
2. Use a spoon to scoop out the leftover orangey membrane, so you just have the rind. Easier than it sounds.
3. Cut into 1/4-in strips
4. Heat 3c sugar + 1c water to 230F (important! use a thermometer)
5. Stir in strips and cook till rind looks translucent, and all candy-like. Approx 30-60 min.
6. Lay strips out on cooling racks on top of cookie sheets, not touching, until they dry out. Overnight seems to work.

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